woman in arizona, woman standing in desert

I Get It

It can be scary as hell getting in front of a camera and trusting someone to "hook it up"! Well let me just say...I gotcha;) Having the camera stare me down is also super intimidating, but that's where I can relate. I know how to pose, when to direct (I def will tell you where and how to move and stand), get you to laugh, fix the hair, and even know when to take your hair tie off your wrist...yup all the details are covered!

woman in arizona, woman standing in desert

I'm Fun

Okay Okay this might be something I'm trying to be more of, but I have been known to say stupid things to get kids to laugh, crack jokes (or again say crazy sh@t) to get natural responses, and I most def have asked more then one person to shake their booty from time to time! Sessions aren't meant to be serious and borning. When you get your gallery I want you to remember the feelings behind the images...the laughs...the craziness...the joy! So Shake on over to my contact section and HIT ME UP!

woman in arizona, woman standing in desert

I'm "Weird"

Normal is BORING! Soooo please always ask the "stupid" questions because most of the time...I'll love the idea;) What's great about being a little "off" is I don't judge. No time for that shiaaaat is my mindset. Like legit don't care if you show up in your birthday suit...cause...I'll still get your best angles lol! We are who we are, we love who we love, and life should be lived...not picked apart!


family sitting down, family smiling

“Fun. Engaging. Beautiful. This is the best way to describe Nola AND the photos she will take for you. She is beyond talented, but never takes herself too seriously. You'll be laughing, dancing and playing games, all the while she is taking cherished photos of your beautiful life. In the photos she took of my family, I can hear my sons laugh and feel the warmth of the sun. The photos that aren't just a photo? That's what she does best.”

family smiling on beach, sunset family photos

“I can't say enough good things about Nola! If you're looking for amazing photos of you and your family, she's a no brainer! You'll also get someone who is funny, helps calm you and your kid's nerves, and makes the while experience a blast. I have never looked forward to family photo day until I met Nola.”

couple sitting in field, couple snuggling in field

“Nola has a unique ability to make magical moments out of any event. She went above and beyond to make sure our engagement shots were ones to remember forever”

creative senior portraits, young girl wearing crown

“I am blown away by her images! At any event, she is able to somehow get all the creative detail shots and all the beautiful human shots...an actual magician!!! Besides her photography talents, Nola is the most funny, down-to-earth person you'll ever meet! I trust her with my most treasured moments!”