Ever seen a super fun Baywatch inspired pregnancy announcement?

Doubtful...but now you have ;)

(Spoiler alert: it looks like something straight out of a classic Socal-based 80's rom-com)

When this adorable couple emailed me with their pregnancy announcement photo idea, I WAS THRILLED let me tell you. I mean how could I not be? A BAYWATCH-inspired photoshoot in Newport Beach to celebrate a couple's first child?! Just imagine their kid looking back at their hottie parents when they're older....

We decided to shoot at one of my fave beaches in Orange County to fulfill the Baywatch themed photoshoot + to show off Ana and Chad's love for fun and adventure. These two love to hike together and go new places, so they really didn't want a basic announcement - hence the firetruck red swimsuits and the whistle Ana twirled around in her hand like an effin' model. (hot mama alert - can you tell she's a runner?)

Ana wanted to find the perfect swimsuit to convey the Baywatch vision they had for announcing their first child, and what do you know - she found that perfect suit on Amazon!! (it must not be sold on Amazon anymore cause I couldn't find it, but you can get your own on Etsy here if you're feeling inspired ;) 

It was, uh, freeezing outside by the water (yes, California in July can still get chilly), but man they were COMMITTED to these photos. The Baywatch theme just fits a California pregnancy so damn well, and beach goers kept stopping to congratulate these cuties along the way :) 

Despite the cold weather and major lack of clothing, Chad and Ana ran into the ocean like kids and just made such a fun time of it. I love when couples feel like themselves in their photos and make it a blast with me - and put together a fun lil theme like this one.

They decided to keep the gender of their baby a surprise & I can't wait to find out what it ends up being.

Huge congrats to the Thompsons - you guys killed it with this session :)

Baywatch Inspired Pregnancy Announcement
Baywatch Inspired Pregnancy Announcement
Baywatch Inspired Pregnancy Announcement
Baywatch Inspired Pregnancy Announcement