Find all the inspo for your own family in these Long Beach golden hour family photos!

I've been photographing this adorable family since their daughter was a tiny peanut in her mama's belly. I cannot even believe that years later, they still choose me to capture their most special memories. We have photographed everywhere from the beach to their home to beautiful trails at Seal Beach - so when it came time to think of a new, local spot to use this time, they were totally down for a rooftop.

We decided to do their session at the Whole Foods rooftop in the shopping center at 2ND & PCH, which recently opened in Long Beach. It's the perfect spot for any family who wants to step out of their comfort zone of taking photos in nature over and over, and instead venture into a more urban setting. You still get allll the benefits of the gorgeous California sunlight (golden backlighting, soft skin tones, all that yummy stuff that we all want in our photos), but in a unique spot on top of a roof! There's a gorgeous view of the palm trees surrounding the shopping center and when the sun shines through them. . . delicious. :)

They brought along their daughter, who was full of spunk and the life of the session, and wanted to walk their dog everywhere (did you see its cute little red sweater?). She also told me that she wants to get stuck in the elevator - yes, she said this over and over. Apparently they got stuck in the elevator on the way to their session and I guess she loved it - I just love kids and the things that get "stuck" in their brains. :)

This gorgeous mama is actually having another baby soon... and is a BOSS hairstylist at TreSs Apothecary in Newport Beach, CA.

I can't wait to continue photographing this beautiful little fam and all their special occasions :)