Loved hanging out with the Roberson for their playful in-home California family session!

In-home, lifestyle family sessions are one of my favorite types of sessions ever. They're usually full of laughs, families (especially kids) feel more comfortable since they're in their own home, and I'm able to photograph them doing things they'd do on a normal day at home. This session was no different :)

The Roberson kids were so fun at this family session and were total naturals in front of my camera. They walked me around their house, giving me a tour and showing me what books they loved to read. They took me to where they play and where they sleep - who knew house tours were so fun?

We started by photographing the kids in their bedroom, which was special because now, their photos have their personal artwork and fun decorations in the background. Then we moved into their kitchen because it had gorgeous natural light and I was obsessed with their dark brown kitchen cupboards. Of course, we had to get mom & dad away for some alone time on the couch - they were just as natural in front of the camera as their kids were :) Their whole gallery of photos is filled with smiles, laughs, and goofy faces - I love it.

If you're looking for outfit ideas for your family session, the Robinsons are a great example to look at. It can be hard to make 3 different colors look good in photos, but they pulled off a mustard yellow, maroon, and blue combination perfectly. These colors complimented their furniture and looked great with the window light in their house :)

I asked mom to tell me a little bit about their family to include in this post, and here's what she told me:

"Brandon and I met at UCI in 2004. I was a 5th year senior, and he was a sophomore. After 2 years of long distance love, while I finished my Masters at Georgia Tech and he finished at UCI, we got married in 2008. Over the first few years of our marriage we bounced around the LA area before Nolan (daughter) came in 2011, making our Culver City 1-bedroom instantly too small. When Wren (son) came in 2017 we had the same issue and decided to return to where we lived when we first got married, Long Beach. During the pandemic we have been thoroughly loving our home and spending time annoying, frustrating, loving, and caring for each other."

Taking photos of this fam in their home was the perfect end to a year where all of us were, well....stuck at home. :)