This session was so awesome with this beautiful gal - we really focused on making her senior photos FUN!

The Session

We ventured to Gum Grove at Seal Beach for this fun Orange County senior session. She graduated last year from Los Alamitos high school and wanted to get gorgeous photos in a flower field, so we did just that!

We started at a hilly area with super beautiful greenery and moved into the flower field afterward. Instead of bringing just one outfit, we created lots of variety in her senior gallery by having her bring multiple different outfits! I usually suggest bringing a few outfit changes, so here are a few ideas:

  1. Something to represent your high school and/or what you'll be doing after high school - e.g. a sweatshirt, graduation cap, t-shirt, hat, etc.
  2. An outfit that represents your personality - something you'd wear on a daily basis, or that really makes you feel like YOU. Makes you feel confident and shows off who you are as a person.
  3. And something that's a little dressier - this will contrast your other outfits and bring out a different side of your personality, and create variety in your photos.

Remember: your senior photos do NOT have to be "basic!"

They don't have to look like what your parents want them to look like, what your friends' photos look like, or what Pinterest says they should look like. I love the good ol', classic senior photos, don't get me wrong! But I think we need to start making senior photos more unique to the person who's in them.

Senior photos are meant to capture a special time in a young person's life, for them and their family & friends to remember. So I always want to encourage my seniors to make their sessions really unique to them - if they look like everyone else's or feel cookie-cutter, they won't be memorable.

Feel free to bring a family member or friend along who knows you really well, and who you're comfortable with. This can be especially great if you're feeling nervous, or if you just want some photos with people important to you at this stage of your life!

And of course I'll still get those classic, posed, super smiley photos for the family to put up on their walls for years to come. But we'll also play around and have all sorts of fun trying different things and getting creative - like the black and white photos at the end of this session. They were so fun to take!

Here's more inspiration for graduation photos!

girl smiling in forest
girl standing in forest smiling for photos
girl looking down at camera
girl smiling for senior photos
girl standing in greenery
girl standing in forest and smiling at camera
girl smiling for senior photos
girl sitting in field with college sweatshirt
girl sitting in flower field
girl sitting and smiling in flower field
girl smiling in flower field
girl standing and smiling in flower field
girl standing in flower field at sunset
girl walking through flower field at sunset
girl standing and smiling in flower field
black and white photos of girl flipping hair
girl looking at flowers in flower field